The Fire This Time

Featured - The fire this time

By: Will Hack

The news rang out – six shots, Big Mike is dead.
Another black man killed for no reason or rhyme.
In Ferguson, the people pledged as Michael bled,
They said, “No more water, the fire this time.”

All across the nation old wounds opened
As new wounds made the men of faith exclaim,
“Let the word of justice tonight be spoken –
No more water, the fire next time”

A community held fast through nights of unrest
Preparing to see the shooter face his crime
But – the prosecutor ignored Big Mike’s protest
He said, the killer walks, there’ll be no fire this time

The anger spread, the anger grew,
The chorus ever louder climbed,
Rocks and bottles and bullets flew
As they said “No more slaughter, we fire this time”

Women cried for help, women shouted for freedom
As the Police held the Police line –
Rioters and newsmen wore masks for different reasons
As the Police threw gas on the fire this time

O-, O’Reilly’s caught flames, as shots rang out
Nobody was fiddling as Little Caesar’s burned
The firemen came, then around they turned
They said, “No more water, they’re firing this time.”

The streets filled with ash, an ugly shrine
As politicians begged for guidance divine
Tonight God didn’t, but the people gave a sign
They said, “No more water, the fire this time”

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