Chidi Agu

Chidi Agu is an MPP2 at HKS concentrating in Social and Urban Policy. He is an advocate for educational equity and worked as a college adviser with the University of Southern California College Advising Corps, where he was a Data and Policy Fellow. Chidi continues his passion via several high school mentoring programs in Boston and co-hosting his education podcast, School For Thought.

Danielle Simms

Danielle Simms is a joint degree student at HKS and HLS. Prior to graduate school, Danielle worked as an engineer in a manufacturing plant for two years and as a consultant for nonprofits for one year. Danielle has spent significant time volunteering and organizing around issues related to racial justice.

Communications Director
Sandra Okonofua

Sandra Okonofua is an EdM student at HGSE studying Prevention Science and Practice with a concentration in Adolescent Counseling. She is interested in the ways in which social stratification and social policy combine to adversely affect the educational experiences of children and youth. Prior to HGSE, Sandra worked as a senior research analyst, and as a high school science teacher in Philadelphia.